Yes, I’m Ready for My Spiritual Moment

Church of the New Jerusalem Cathedral Looking Up at the Moon

We tend to naturally take care of ourselves physically and emotionally, but not many of us remember to look at ourselves spiritually. We can tap into spirituality for stress relief or a big-picture thought, such as “What is my purpose here?” But sometimes it’s easier to just push spiritual feelings aside. It was years before I realized I was ready to bounce back from my past spiritual indifference and find something new, even if slowly to start. If you’re thinking about becoming more spiritual, but not sure how to begin, this will require some reflection about what you are looking for.

Here are my top five tips to get started working on your spirit:

Follow Your Own Timeline

If there’s an ounce of you that’s not sure, relax. It’s like falling in love, or finding the right home…you’ll know when it’s the right time. And since it’s your journey, not your friend’s or significant other’s, you decide how to proceed down this path and at what pace.

Question Your Quest

You will need others’ support along the way, but the decision to begin this journey must be because you choose it for yourself. In her new book White Hot Truth, one of my favorite spiritual gurus, Danielle LaPorte says we should get to the core of our intentions, whether that is genuine spiritual aspiration or an obsession to become better, or more “evolved.” You need to make sure this is for your right reasons.

Define Your Purpose

Determine what you are looking for in this journey. Are you hoping to find a religion with which you identify? Or are you rather exploring healing through meditation or something outside of your physical body?

Prepare to Be Emotional

If you have a broken past with being spiritual or religious like I do, every new interaction will stir up an old feeling. The mention of “God” would make me tear up as I started on my journey. This is ok, as long as you know that it might happen. You’re going to be dealing with deep and undiscovered stuff.


Expand Your Boundaries

The key to becoming spiritual, according to spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer, is acknowledging that we are more than just physical bodies; therefore, our experiences will go beyond the five senses. This may be a challenging concept, but is something good to have in mind when embarking on this journey.


I hope these tips will inspire you on your spiritual path. It is quite a relief to begin to fill the piece of you that has been absent of spirituality, and can be truly a powerful awakening.

If you want to share, I’d love to hear about the start to your journey, and if you’ve found any other points to consider when beginning it! Leave me a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Ready for My Spiritual Moment

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I grew up Catholic and no longer feel connected to my faith. It has bothered me recently, but I appreciated your number 1 tip is to relax. There’s no rush! Thank you for this. 🙂

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  2. You develop each point with great candor and such a sincere tone. I truly feel you here. I think, as you expand, it might be nice to include other people and develop your points a bit more fully. Then you will be able to bring a lot more light to the world.


  3. I love your post they are so motivational and encouraging. I personally do not identify with any one particular religion, but the tips you give I think anyone could apply to their lives. I also appreciate your encouragement to interact with you beyond the initial post!


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