Spiritual Fulfillment Starts With a Few #Truthbombs

Before I began my spiritual journey, I happened upon the audio versions of The Fire Starter Sessions by top selling author and spiritual guru Danielle LaPorte — not because I was hoping for spiritual wisdom, but mostly to become more confident and not let people walk all over me. These recordings contained motivational and soothing words to tempt me to go where I hadn’t gone before, reiterating that everything that’s worth it comes after a change in yourself.


Screenshot 2017-06-10 15.45.22Truth is important component of the spiritual journey, and a common point found in all of LaPorte’s recordings and books is the #Truthbomb. These are tidbits from her audio and book sessions — quick, bite-size one-liners to hit you where it matters most. There’s even an app for shuffling through the collection of these pieces of wisdom!

White Hot Truth

#Truthbombs show up in her recent book White Hot Truth, a current #1 Amazon best-seller (released May 2017). It also contains tips about making simple changes to your life, and the things that matter most!


One of my favorite #Truthbombs from White Hot Truth is, “It takes courage to change your beliefs.” Does this sentence impact you? I would love to hear your thoughts and also learn about anyone who has helped you on your spiritual path. If you haven’t begun, whom you would like to receive advice from works too. Comment below!


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