My spirituality has wavered all my life. I tried to find myself reflected in a faith since I was young — from my father’s near-death experience when I was 10 years old, being raised Catholic by a practicing dad and non-practicing mom, attending Catholic school through college in Philadelphia, and even my husband’s strong spirituality when we first met — but for a long time, I took quite the opposite approach. I was not interested in finding anything. I was resistant to faith at all.

And that’s why I am telling this story. Because I know what it’s like to be at the bottom. To know there’s a missing piece, but you just can’t quite figure out where to find it, and you’ve given up hope that you will ever track it down.

Before he was my husband, Chris got used to the lack of religion in our relationship. He knew it was a struggle for me to forget the roboticness of the Catholic faith I grew up in. But he was always searching for a more spiritual place, even converting to the Catholic faith while we still attended college. What he found in Catholicism was only what he saw in the Sisters of Saint Joseph, the faces of endless charity and love in the halls of our little college.

A few years into our relationship together, he took a fundraising job close to where we went to school: Bryn Athyn, PA. I had never heard of this town only a half hour from where I grew up. I thought I’d humor him by going to a service with him in this random little place, complete with its own college, schools, and a larger-than-life cathedral. While the traditional New Church service at Bryn Athyn Cathedral didn’t quite grab my attention, I gave it one last try at the more contemporary service,NewChurch Live (NCL).

Little did we know this place would be the connecting factor for Chris and I to share religion. This same pastor would unite us in marriage in 2015 and baptize us into the church in 2016. With a focus on being a “Monday Morning Church,” providing ideas that can be applied every day, this experience has been an exciting start to a more faith-filled life. While not the full story up until now, NewChurch Live is where this spark of spirituality in my life truly begins. I know I don’t have all the answers, but at the lowest point in my spiritual life, I was shown something greater than anything I had ever found before. I hope you’ll join this journey with me as you seek that missing piece of yourself.